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Quick Neovim launcher

Nov 1, 2023Arkar

My personal tool that I use for quick navigation between projects.

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Lately, I've been creating a tool for my daily projects. One thing I've noticed is that every morning, when I want to start working on my projects, I found myself cd-ing to project directories repeatly.

I looked for some alternative tools that can help me reach my development environment faster. I found a few tools but I challenge myself to build one that satisfy my own need.

By believe by building tools for yourself, you can tailor them to your specific needs and preferences also, it provides an opportunity to explore new languages and expand your skill set.

For me, even though I had never built anything with Rust before, I have some experience reading some books zero to production in rust so. I decided to challenge myself and use Rust to develop my tool.


nv is very simple cli application. I decided to store my current projects data in my home directly directly via json because I want to build some API with rust in the future and I want to explore more about serde and Json parsing in Rust. I used crossterm and tui for building terminal interface and events.

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Hey !, Look at my background it's because I made my terminal transparent and you wont see it in your nv.

How did it turn out?

Well, I have been using nv for about 2 months now and I love everything about it . The code may be the most polish code I have ever written but I am really proud of myself as a first daily driven tool with Rust.

Every morning when I start opening up my terminal I can just type


And directly get access to project I want to work on in my favorite editor, Neovim .

Make your own

If you love the idea and want to create your own version, feel free to check out my repository. Due to time limitations, I wasn't able to polish it further, but you are welcome to customize it to your liking.

Github :