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Let's make this December a Svelte-filled coding celebration! 🌟🎉

Dec 2, 2023Arkar

Get ready for a daily dose of Svelte coding fun as we count down to Christmas. Join me on this festive coding journey and let's celebrate the holiday season together!

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Every year, Santa and his elves work around the clock to prepare for Christmas. This year, however, he faces an unprecedented challenge. The Magical Christmas Code, which powers Santa's Sleigh and ensures the smooth delivery of presents, was shattered into 24 fragments.

Santa immediately called upon his sentient robot assistant Svelte Bot to get the sleigh operational, but they can't do it alone. Each day, a new challenge awaits - a unique puzzle that, when solved, will unlock a fragment of the Magical Christmas Code . Will you help Santa and Svelte Bot fix the Sleigh and save Christmas?!

What is advent of Svelte?

This year I have been working on Svelte a lot more and I would love to invite you all to join Advent of Svelte , a Svelte challenge for each day until Christmas!

The goal is to challenge yourself. Dive into each daily challenge and showcase your Svelte skills. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, there's something for everyone.

I will try to work on one challenge everyday.

You can check out my progress at .

You learn better with team

If you are like me, participating in this event . Please reach out . I would love to discuss and share ideas on each challenges.


Santa Hat illustration by Icons 8 from Ouch!

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